About Us

My family is blessed to have a talent for sewing and quilting across many generations.  I grew up surrounded with many kinds of sewing and needlework sprinkled all around the house.  All of the kitchen dish towels, were hand embriodered, and it is a delight to see the return of this trend in popularity today!  I began making my clothes in Junior High, and continued sewing for many years.  With a family and a business career, sewing fell by the way side for several years.  About 12 years ago,  while we were living in Overland Park, Kansas I worked with a delightful lady, that was an avid quilter.  She would bring in her projects and talk about the fabrics and patterns and new processes and shortcuts she had learned.  Before long, I dove in and quilting quickly became my obsession too!  lol  ;)

My favorite quilt, for all time and forever, is a yo-yo quilt, circa 1930's, hand sewn by my maternal grandmother.  After she passed, it became mine.  It was in need of repairs as several threads had disintegrated.   My paternal grandmother made those repairs and restitched, by hand, practically the entire quilt.  She used yellow threads, and left very short tails exposed in the center of each yo- yo, and it added another element to the beauty of the quilt.  The appraiser commented she had never seen one with exposed yellow threads before.  Of course, the quilt is emotionally priceless and I still don't understand how the appraiser could place such a small monetary value on it of only a few hundred, when it surely is worth thousands of dollars. 

A quilting business was my daughter's idea and after much consideration we decided on an online store.  She loves fast projects like aprons, all things for the kitchen, pillows and much more.  She has a keen sense for contemporary appeal in the sewing world today.  Her style contributions will keep this website fresh and interesting! 

We both love quilts!  We can find something to admire in all styles from traditional to modern and everything in between.  New techniques .. are well .. exciting, because they help speed up all the projects we want to start and finish!  So, we are on watch, to share new techniques and processes with our customers.

We hope to provide a nice mix of styles with loads of patterns and quality quilting fabrics in the newest designs available. We will offer block of the month programs, fabric clubs and many exclusive kits. We do not charge for handling or cutting fabrics and shipping is at cost. If our shipping calculator program makes a mistake in calculating shipping costs, we will happily make an adjustment.

Our mission is simple: to provide premium quality fabrics, products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. We take great pride in our shop, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online shop is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.